One day me and my friend Jaxon were playing genisis and we…

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One day me and my friend Jaxon were playing genisis and we had our blood stalkers and we went into the volcano to get magmasuar eggs.

He was at my house and we were playing split-screen on my PS4 when my dad said I had to take a break. So we logged off right then. Later we went back on and as soon as we logged in the game said it was erupting so we high tailed it out of there. This was our first time witnessing an eruption and we were scared but after we got out we were fine we watch intently from the opening of the cave but all we saw was smoke. Because of this we went to explore. As soon as we stepped in the smoke we both died. We were so sad we thought are bloodstalker were going to die, but we went back and there they were perfectly fine. After we went back in and got 5 eggs. Two of those were a 145 and a 130. The end. If you enjoyed Like. If you want to play with me I play on ps4 and Computer and my email is [email protected]

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