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My Sword is My Life: Prologue

By: DoomPhoenix

DISCLAIMER: this has nothing to do with Ark, Wildcard, or Dododex, it is for those who would like a story, any questions should be posted in red dye, I will most likely respond.

Prophecy of The Serpent of Jihan

In the kravilesh of the giant serpent;

A dictator of evil intent;

Will rise to power on the throne of Jihan;

And rule for a trinan;

And in the land a hero will appear, to the throne, a traitor;

And wrest the throne from the dictator;

and begin the kralivesh of the undying fire;

-unknown, kravilesh of the froxi, year 236

A kravilesh is a minimum of 50 years and a maximum of 70, must be named after an animal

A trinan is approximately 3 years

A froxi is a fox-like animal

Jihan is the country, named after the head of the gods.

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