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The Righteous (aberration)


After the Raid had ended the village was in ruins. It could take weeks to fix everything, and get everyone taken care of. Many were injured and in no way going to be able to carry heavy things.

Eric stood on the ground, looking over the ruins the SAE had left behind. He had finally found a safe place to stay and just like that it was taken away from him.

"Eric!" Someone called from behind him. He turned around to see Everett(someone from a story I am currently writing) struggling to carry man who had lost his legs from one of the explosions.

"Help me get him to the medical tent!" She ordered

Eric nodded and ran over, grabbing one of the man's arms and placing it around his shoulders.

"Thank you," Everett said.

"Sure," Eric grumbled

They walked in silence, focusing on getting the man to the medical tent, if there was a medical tent to get him to anyway. When they had finally reached the medical tent they were surprised to see it in one piece, after the Raid they had assumed it would be destroyed.

"Lillian! We need help out here!" Everett called

A women in a white coat peeked out from behind one if the tent flaps. She gasped and ran out to help them get the injured man into the tent and into the operation table.

"I need to go check on Rarks," Eric said, leaving the tent

"Alright, hopefully she's okay," Everett smiled. Eric nodded and jogged to the dino center, praying his raptor, and the other dinos, were okay. When he reached the dome it was shattered, the once beautiful glass work was in ruins.

"Damnit!" Eric growled, as he came out a stop.

"Eric!" Eric turned to see Kurt standing in the center of a semicircle of dinos, his raptor running towards him

"Rarks!" Eric cheered, hugging the raptor. Rarks chirped and jumped around, happy to know her Survivor was safe and in one piece.

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