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Dino facts are shorter now. Also, the news paper has a name.

The Carno had armor like plates that covered its whole body. In fact, the first carno ever found had had its plates fossilized, and scientists could almost see what it looked like exactly.

Sally's shot salamanders are now shooting at Sarah who is Sally's sister. (The salamanders have come back from the dead and now have stolen Sally's AK-47. The very weapon used to kill them. Sally is 12. Sarah is 10.)


With great power comes great responsibility. So if you don't get a job and have power and junk, you have no responsibilities over stuff.


Always have more than one of a tool. If it breaks at the wrong moment, fixing it will make you slower and easy prey, rather than pulling out a new weapon.


GOLIATH lies in the forest, waiting for death, but also yearning, for REVENGE.

TYRANA is, well, I really don't know.

SIYU LI prepares for war. He is angered that Nerva attacked his home, but it's time to return the favor.

CHRISTOPHER WALKER recovers from his wounds, but really, he's just chillin like a villain. But the real villain, is

VAUIS NERVA hunts through the woods, looking for the new powerful creature that managed to defeat Golaith.

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