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I'm beginning my own weekly newspaper. Here goes.


The T-rex was at the beginning, three feet tall. But evolved and evolved, to the killed it is to day. To list all its names would take forever, but the most famous name is the Allosauraus and Giganotosauraus. The Giganotosauraus was actually several meters smaller than in Ark, and was much, much weaker. The Tyrant Lizard, or Tyrannosauraus Rex is one of the greatest predators known to man.


Count all the S's!

Sally sells seashells sitting by the sea shore shooting salamanders.

Currently on The Red Pike

GAUIS NERVA has found the Siyu/Walker base and lies in waiting.

SIYU LI hones his battle skills, and expands his army, and prepared for war.

GOLIATH battles a strange, powerful creature.

THOMAUS ROCKWELL is ready to meet Nerva, and form an allience.

CHRISTOPHER WALKER is bored, but little does he know, he will enter the right of his life.


There once was a man. He was in love with a girl, and he stuck up the nerve to ask her to a dance. She said yes. He waited in a REALLY long line to rent a limo, so he could make the night very special. He waited in even LONGER lines to get a nice suit and a thing of flowers. They went to the dance, and a really great time, but then they got tired. The man went to get some drinks, and guess what? There wasn't a PUNCH LINE.

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