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PD, read your newest chapters!!! I am really enjoying your stories!! I can’t for the next chapters!!!

As for more creature suggestions, I have some suggestions (okay a lot) being science fictional and real creatures. I don’t know if you want to use real creatures or are trying for more science fiction and fantasy, but I wanted to add them in if you wanted to use them.

1. Gorgonops or a Gorgonopsid, a saber-tooth brute creature of the synapsid world lived in the Permian period. If you don’t want to use this species due to size. Its cousin the Inostrancevia was the largest Gorgonopsian ever discovered. Weighing around 600 lbs and was 11 feet long.

And if I’m not getting it in Ark, I should at least try to see if I can get it here lol.

2. Prionosuchus, the perfect crocodile alternative. It was the largest amphibian to ever exist at a length of 30 feet long and lived in the Permian period as well. It was believed to live in the freshwater environments of lakes and rivers and also believed to live in coastal regions of the oceanic environments.

3. Epicyon, the largest canine species ever to exist and was in the family of bone crushing dogs. As the family nickname means, it had the ability to bite through solid bone of the fauna it lived with.

4. Thylacosmilus, a marsupial saber toothed predator of South America. Where it competed with Smilodon in the later part of its reign. Unlike the Sabertooth cats or scimitar cats, it had two boney structures on the lower jaw that ran down with its saber teeth.

5. Elephant Bird, one of the tallest birds to ever exist and the heaviest bird to ever exist. Standing at 9.8 feet and weighed around 600 to 2200 pounds.

6. Sinornithosaurus, this was a type of microraptorid and is one of largest and unique in this Clade. Having been in debate of the possibility that it had a venomous bite because of grooved teeth and holes in the upper jaw that were believed to hold venom sacks.

7. Arsinotherium, a distant relative to elephants and dugongs. It though more resembles a rhinoceros in body shape and had two sets of horns on its head. It was believed to waddle and be semi aquatic in nature.

8. Leptictidium, a distant relative to today’s shrews. It was a three foot long carnivore/insectivore that was an ornithopod in movement and was believed to move quite similar to kangaroos.

9. Archaeoindris, one of the largest lemurs to ever exist that was believed to be robust and around the size of a gorilla. It wasn’t known if it was a ground dwelling lemur with very limited time in the tree or being adapted enough to be more aboreal in nature

10. Haast Eagle, a large species of bird of prey that hunted in the New Zealand forests. Hunting large Moa birds.

On to the fictional creatures

11. Vampiric Drake/Wyvern, a vampire drake that is fast on its feet with thermal vision and cloaking capabilities that during the night transforms into a wyvern with the same ability and voracious speed through the night sky. No special breath.

12. Aquatic Drake, a semi to fully aquatic species of draconian with the ability to secrete oil from its body and tail that it can ignite to create devastating aquatic infernos. Has High Heat, water proof fire breath.

13. Fictional Rhinoceros, (totally didn’t steal this idea from Avatar) an extremely large species of rhinoceros like creature with three sets of horn. Two sets (these looking like a rhinoceros horns) on the sides of it’s head with the smaller horns being behind the eyes and a single horn on top of its head (similar looking to Brontothere horn). The size of this Rhino would be around the same size as the Sker Buffalo in Kong Skull Island, 30-40 feet in length and weighing around 20-25 tons. Can move at astonishing speed for such a large size.

14. Fictional Saurian, a twenty to thirty foot long creature resembling a carnivorous dinosaur with long arms and sharp claws and a large blockyish head. Extreme jumping capabilities and climbing abilities, if possible subterranean abilities.

15. Carnivores alienoid synapsid or saurian with a long tail that can shoot a boney projectile from the tip of the tail that has the ability to paralyze its prey or victim.

16. Cobra like Wyrm, 50-60 foot long Wyrm similar to a Cobra. Can spray acid from fangs in the front of the lower jaw. It can also can lure prey with hypnotic hood. Versatile in any biome.

17. Thresher like fish, A species of large fish that has a large upper tail fin and teeth-like structures on the tip to lacerate larger prey while stunning smaller prey

18. Pack hunting Ants with deadly mandibles and even more deadly stinger. These ant are between the size of wolfs and grizzly bears, no queen in these small hunting packs. Gamergate species of ant with a single gamergate worker in these packs.

I really hope you can use some of these, you don’t need to use all if you don’t want to. And if you want, you can change any of the fictional creatures to best fit how you want them in the game.

Until Next Time!


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