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++ sure, I’ll give some more details to the game


Map (s)

Glowing Fields

A biome that spans for ages, with grasses that glow during the night. Trees span the expanse, except for a few places. It is a nice, tranquil place. Except for the fauna. Maybe even in the flora.

Pearlescent Skeletons

A blank forest, with thin, spindly trees. The trees seem to emit a mixture of colour as a glow. Creatures wander the trees, most commonly camouflaging through these dense foliage.

Shoreline Scopes

A beach, with multiple overhangs and cliffs. A great place for a holiday, if you like hot sun that may or may not melt your skin and multiple semi-aquatic fauna trying to eat you at every corner.

Cliffside Canopies

A massive area where cliffhangers are common. A structure can be seen in the distance.. The rocky terrain makes it so only flora, and maybe some forms of fauna to thrive and live.

The Structure

Seething with a bluish glow, The Structure is a massive building on stilts. Nothing lives inside it, except the systems that run it.

The Flesh [THE CORPSE IF 2]

The underground. Teeming with life, blind creatures, aggressive flora, and deadly venom. This place is a harsh place to live for something like you..

The corpse is a dead place. Ash hangs in the air as if the sun has burnt through the ground. Fauna lives here, but more dangerous as they seek food and shelter from the ashy underground.

Ancient Remains

Delving deeper, you find a place full of broken ruins. A once dormant creature lives there.. including multiple of aggressive fauna out to stop your mission.

Those are the maps, the fauna count is over 100 so if I put it in here it’ll be like an age to read. But I’ll put a few.

Scarvolender : A mammal that slightly resembles the mix between an ape and deer. They have heightened intelligence and communicate between another well.

Rhyniostingers: An insect with a strong chitinous outer shell, and a massive stinger on its abdomen. It has no wings due to its massive sack it uses to store both food and venom.

ArachPanthera: A mammal species slightly resembling a lion, which is mixed with a spider. It’s a versatile species worth taking along your journey. It can clamber walls and trees (kind of like the thylacoleo) though isn’t very strong compared to most of the fauna.

That’s enough for now because if I put more in I’ll kinda spoil it.

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