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PD, if your still looking for creature ideas, here’s a few!

Name: ScytheWolf(you can change name if you want)

Diet: Carnivore

Aggression: Aggressive

Description: A large raptor-like creature, black and grey feathers, glowing yellow eyes, claws like a raptor’s, and one horn on its snout. The ScytheWolf’s main attack is where it grabs you by the legs and holds you upside down, letting your blood drain to your head. Finally it’s used it’s free claw to slice your throat.

Name: MorphBird

Diet: Omnivore

Aggression: Attacks if you mess with it’s food.(Much like a Megnaura)

Description: Black soulless eyes, vulture like body, feathers change colors to blend with surroundings, deadly talons like an Argentavis’s, and four bony wings. MorphBird is a scavenger.

Name: (I couldn’t find a name for this go head and name it)

Diet: Herbivore

Aggression: Neutral

Description: Large Morellatops-like body, sandy scales, medium sized spine(like a spino’s), Theriznosaurus-like head, short tail, and two horns on its forehead.

You can change any of these creatures names! Please consider adding these to your game! I’m looking forward to playing it.

Yours Truly,


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