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Wolf Deinonychus -

The Wolf Deinonychus is a large breed of Deinonychus. They have large wolf ears on either side of the head and their back feet are wolf paws. They have fur and lots of it. In the wild they are aggressive pack animals mainly found in the snow area or upper parts of Chalk Hills. Because the have fur they can easily adapt to the cold of the tundra but will not survive in the desert. Though they are aggressive, after taming they make perfect pets and battle mounts. They have the same pounce and latch ability as the Deinonychus for their paws have huge claws. Their razor sharp teeth allow for deadly and fatal damage to be done. Their fur is used for insulation. Mounting these beats will keep you warm IF the fortitude of the Wolf Deinonychus is high. Most creatures have oxygen level ups but instead the DeinoWolf has fortitude level ups. These amazing creatures are highly intelligent and strong making them a very deadly and needed creature. Few remain in the wild today for people either kill for their fur or tame for protection purposes. The DeinoWolf is tamed to be a watchdog. Like the Parasuar, DeinoWolves have a turret mode that allows them to seek out aggressive creatures. They howl once a threat enters they're range. If said threat comes within 5 foundations of the DeinoWolf, the DeinoWolf will howl again, summoning small DeinoWolf minions that will, depending on what mode the DeinoWolf is set to, knock out or kill the threat. DeinoWolves have two turret modes, taming and protect. When the hybrid sends out its minions they can deal torpor if on taming mode or they can kill if on protect mode. If on taming mode, the DeinoWolf's eyes will be a green narcotics color. If on protect mode, it's eye will be orange. DeinoWolves come in white, a variety of browns, black, and grey. They do get pack boosts and the DeinoWolf with the highest damage and health is the Alpha.


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