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Anonymos i will tell you my tale, back story time!

I come from an ark called nova(my myth ark) that has radiation. Me and a few other shadows somhow got caught in some if it and became alive. Since we'reiving shadows, we can really take a form thats a shadow, but we mostly take the form of a human shadow. I helped out the few humans on there, and when they beat the boss and asended off, we went with them. Now we just kinda wander around.


So we have 1 Ability that us shadows are willing to admit. We can possess people and animals. We have a few other Abilities, but the other shadows will legit kill me if i say.


Shadow catchers. They are humans who are born with the ability to catch the essence of shadows. I've gotten caught before, and it isnt fun, especially when its a kindergartener who puts you in a glass jar and takes you to school, and then everybody pokes the jar, shaking it so much that it feels like an earthquake.



We are stronger the closer it gets to halloween, and at nighttime we are basically invisible.


Its hard because most of the time you'll see us, we're in the form of a creatures shadow. But we do have a form when we arnt in a creatures shadow. So picture this:

A solid black ghost with a black aura dimly glowing around it, with dimly glowing white eyes.


This is kind of a sore topic, though i will tell you. The only way to "tame" us is to be a shadow catcher and capture a shadows essence, a shadow will do anything for you to realese its essence.....yeah you can see why its a sore topic.

I wish i could tell you more but most stuff about us is a secret that we shadows only tell our closest friends.

-shadow(i hope this is enough details)

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