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Alright so I'm staring a new thing where I create dinos and ask for feedback and ideas! Here's the first one -

Sea Wyverns-

The Sea Wyvern is a Wyvern that, instead of flying, uses it's wings to propel itself through the water. It has large fins on either side of it's head and has fins on it's body. It's fins and inner wing is crystal clear and shaped to allow them the perfect swimming capabilities. They come in blues and purples but also come in greens, yellows, and light pinks. They shoot streams if water from their mouths and have heat sacks in their throats that warm the water so they can either shoot hot or cold water. They are neutral UNLESS you enter the water. Then they become aggressive and will attempt to kill you. Being equipped with razor sharp teeth and talons allows them to shred their prey. If you stay out of the water they will leave you be. They can not fly but are great swimmers and very powerful mounts. If on land they are slower. Sea Wyverns get hydration buffs like the Spino and deal THREE TIMES their original damage IF SUBMERGED IN THE WATER. the shoulders down must be under the water, leaving only their head above the water to give them a 3x damage and health buff. If they get hydration buff they get 2x ORIGINAL TAMED damage not level damage.

When tamed Sea Wyverns are a great source of water. In their wings and fins they hold water that you can drink (don't ask how...). Because they swim instead of flying, being in the water fills their stamina quicker than if they were to be sitting on the ground.

Most use them as traveling mounts instead of battle mounts for they are faster than they are strong. They are smaller than most Wyverns allowing them to easily dodge through the water.

If you have any ideas or any feedback please let me know!


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