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Defeating a very disgusting beast (contains spoilers to journey to the savage planet. Posted by Lamprey)

So before I start writing this, here’s a few things you should know:

This is my 5th attempt

I was playing single player

It’s 8:45

Um, what else is there?

Contains spoilers?

Oh, this also starts right after I completed the final puzzle room in the tower

I think the list is now long enough, here’s what happened.

So I pressed the blue alien button and I was lowered into a room. Then, I saw a huge creature looking straight at me. This thing was most likely a low level, and I kill low levels (that’s a ark thing, there are no levels for creatures in journey to savage planet.) so, I jumped to the platform at the back of the arena and shot at this disgusting creature’s yellow colored things all over its body. Then, it started shaking the room. I quickly jumped to the platform middle left platform and continued to shoot the yellow things. Then, it spat out some floating squids!

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