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Official PvE server

Gamma is possible with 18 tickle chickens, 1 pig and 1 yuty. For my solo’s out there this is possible solo, I’ll put stats and everything i used solo below.


18 Tickle Chickens Hp 18k, Melee 500 with 66 armour saddles

1 pig kibble tamed at 150 and all points into food so has just over 100k food 43 armour saddle.

1 yuty kibble tamed at 150 and spread the points between Stam and Hp with a primitive saddle 25 armour.


1 mastercraft pump shotgun 800 durability 211% damage with 500 shells

Backup journeyman pump shotgun 624 durability 200% damage

100 medbrews

Crafted Food/drinks for simply not being annoyed by hunger or thirsty

10 veg cakes for each tickle chicken for extra heals, so a total of 180 veg cakes

A mix of journeyman and apprentice flak

I know it looks like overkill for gamma but when solo the more positives you have the better. With all the stuff I mentioned i had no problem killing the queen solo on official.

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