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Easiest way to get this is by platforms and tree tap saps (I think you can use an argy to place and gather sap) if you just have an arfy and an anky you can use the argy for travel and anky for gathering metal and when you aren't using the anky just have it in a cryopod. For the cementing paste a beelzebufo in the swamp is useful, and try to have a strong backup dino in of kapros and such. Wood you can use a stego with the hardened plate (change plates with RT, L1, or C) that can gather a bunch but try to have a trike or a carbonemys nearby to carry some of the wood to speed things up. And finally with the fiber can easily be achieved with metal sickle or a simple moschops. Might want to put a bed and large storage container to easily gather sap if you placed it a bit aways from the base.

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