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Deinonychus are your best bet here. If you already have two. Skip ahead. If you don’t read about how to get some.


To get your first two. Get a flyer and have your friend pick you up and bring you near to their nests. Then use a whip to grab the eggs while flying out of the wild ones reach. Make sure to grab 3-5 eggs to ensure you get a male. Then just raise them up using meat.


Once you have at least one male and female breed until you have a few more females. Any males you get can join your hunting pack. All the females Should join the kibble farm. You don’t need more than 8 females for the farm; don’t go overkill. Once they all are raised, make a sort of perch for your females out of a row ceilings one wall off the ground with a ramp leading up to it. Put all your females on this perch, with their butts sticking off the back. Make sure they all are on breeding. Put the worst male at the bottom, then wait. Make sure to pick up the eggs for Kibble.

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