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How to tame basically any carnivore with raw prime meat:

Get some female rexes and a male rex. Get them to lay fertilised eggs. Incubate the eggs until they are a few seconds from hatching and pick them up. Knock out what you want to tame and starve it for the amount of time indicated on Dododex (note: if you’re taming royal griffins on mobile, you’ll need to starve it for ~60% more time than what Dododex says). Then, put down a bunch of standing torches, light them, throw down your eggs, and hatch the baby Rexes. Kill the babies and harvest their bodies with a good carnivore or good pickaxe. Finally, transfer all the raw prime meat to the knocked out dino’s inventory and it should instantly tame. The nice thing about this is that your new carnivorous friend was sleeping so it won’t know that you just murdered some babies and won’t think you’re a monster, and the female Rexes won’t see you killing their children, so you can just tell them their children died of “natural causes”.

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