It was just after I died.

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It was just after I died. I spawned on the hill of genesis. With nothing, not even any clothes on my back. I was walking home. Along that walk I noticed something pink attacking a helpless animal. I decides to help but by the time i got there pink had killed it and turned on me. It was huge. My friend had previously gotten annoyed with me for killing things by punching them in hopes that would tsme it. So the thought wasnt there. But in our fight, She turned and ran. And I chased. Soon, there she laid. Excited, I fed her. I was so happy, and I named her Peaches.

Me and my other friend shared most of our dinos (except flyers). Peaches was all mine. I loved her to much.

I took her everywhere, to carry things, to gather meat. If she was left alone for long i felt bad.

Last night... I took her out on the island to help with a boss fight. But my friend died so I cryopoded her out of fear and hoped on my.tex raptor. Once the boss fight was completed we died and lost all our tames...R.I.P

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