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Some facts about unicorn✨

Unicorns are one of the rarest creatures in Ark as they only spawn one per map.

Unicorns will make a rainbow trail when jumping or falling which can reach about 2 walls high.

Like procoptodons/kangaroos, they will take highly reduced damage or completely no damage.

Unicorn poop rainbow poop. Unlike other feces, When consumed it will give you health food and stamina but also a rainbow vision just like eery candy.

Unicorns are just like equus but have no stripes and have a horn (guranteed to spawn as white).

Unicorns cannot be tamed by Rockarrots on Ark Mobile (😢).

Baby unicorns can be ridden.

Like griffins, they come with their own name and unlike griffins, it only takes 1 male and 1 female with no same surname needed.

Thats all the facts✨

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