The sun would rise, the dawn of titans was arising dramatically, after each step.

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The sun would rise, the dawn of titans was arising dramatically, after each step. The pounding kept getting louder, like earthquakes happening simultanously, constantly getting louder. Then after a few moments the stomps stopped, A lot looked outside his base and saw his Giga was dead. He wanted blood thirsty revenge to whoever killed it, so he hopped on his other strongest creature. His spino and set out to find the murderer, after he saw a titanosaur. He used his spyglass and looked at it’s health, it was at 3/4 of it’s health. He knew this was the one that killed his giga, so he requested his 6 rexes and 4 allo’s and attacked. The titan 1 shot 3 of the allo’s, the last allo got 2 shot. Over 3 of the rexes got rekted a split second later after 4 shots. Then 4 seconds later his his 2 other rexes got 8 shot. Then 12 seconds later, his most op rex had fallen due to 20 shots of the titans mad strength. Finally he hopped off his spino and made it battle the titan, a minute had passed and he wasn’t even paying attention to hit spino. It was already dead, he used the spyglass one more time and saw the titanosaur at 2/5 of it’s health, so he quickly pulled his rocket launcher out and shot the titan. It quickly caught up to him because he was reloading and died, he respawned on his bed and realized the titan was next to his base. But took a risk anyway, he quickly made metal spiked and placed it underneath the titanosaur to see if it would damage it. It broke the spikes, then he shot it with his rifle and immediatly regretted it. The titan charged and destroyed his base, and he was left with sadness, guilt, anger, envy and hatred.. the end! Story: by A lot

Message: ima post random stories in every creature, make sure to follow up! And also, my announcements will be in the dodo creature secrion. So if you are waiting for another tale, please go there!

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