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So I was sailing my raft gloriously on the crystal blue waters near the eastern islands, when I spot three... THREE therizos on the beach. Picking one out, I knock it out with a crossbow and begin to tame it. The other two, seemingly unhappy with this, begin to slash me up. I defend myself, placing spike walls around me and my soon-to-be companion. They, with a fire in their eyes, attempt to break down the walls, slashing their own hands on the sharpened wood. As they begin a new approach, head-butting the walls, They practically murder themselves. I turn around and resume taming the most beautiful therizinosuar in the world. I hear a slashing sound and turn, finding ten more therizos avenging their dead brethren. They die. All’s good. I look at my therizo’s claws, knowing that with my new companion, I can slash my way through any raptor, dilo or rex pack I find.

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