I was travelling trying to find a Oviraptor riding my…

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I was travelling trying to find a Oviraptor riding my Black Phiomia into the forest when all of a sudden a green Raptor level 5/6 with red/orange/yellow eyes attacked me and my phiomia and I was able to knock it out and stop it from killing my phiomia and than I put 15 raw meat into its inventory and than all of a sudden I saw a therizino charging straight at me and it started off killing the velociraptor and that was easy since it was at 15 health and than it killed my phiomia, just know that stupid therizino was at like 1347 health and than it killed ME and I lost very rare flowers, eggs, phiomia saddle, my phiomia, Raptor so close to being tamed, and other rare stuff, I will from now on always bring the whole squad with me to protect me and eachother and my precious stuff, I’m lucky I didn’t get too attached to the phiomia though, I named it as soon as the Raptor attacked us, anyways just know, always be aware of your surroundings when taming and when you having rare loot and a pet! 1 up=1 prayer for me to get my stuff back, saddle, new phiomia, new pet green Raptor, revenge on that stupid MF therizino! Up so more people can see please…they need to know to be aware of the therizino! Bye have a good night/day/afternoon/morning cya!

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