These guys are rare it took 2 days to find these guys.

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These guys are rare it took 2 days to find these guys. I have 2 females of these tamed already but for me it was tough to find it because of its rarity but, however I tamed it......

So one day planned to create a new world so I did it. I first spawned near the jungle infront of herb island when spawned I rushed to complete the pursuits and then gather berries. The Second day I thought of taming moschops because they are kings of harvesting fiber and a decent amount of berries...

It was a little hard to find moschops there because there were only Lystrosaurus filled everywhere but, previously I found lik 4-5 moschops roaming around....... Now I started searching for moschops then finally I found 1. It was 80 lvl however low but good to start for. I fed it 1 mejoberry it tamed up to 46% after some time it got hungry again I fed another mejoberry and then it tamed up 93% then at the top left corner "You have entered a dangerous area" I got scared because last time I also so a Alpha raptor roaming there 😢 then I thought it would be killing some other dinos..... I was waiting for its hunger but then I saw a therizinosaur. Then without thinking anything I just ran away after like 1 minute I got back to the last place where I saw that moschops...... He wasn't there but the giant fried chicken thrizino was still there, then I thought of to find a moschops at the opposite direction so went there little far and again "You have entered a dangerous area"


Then found it was another therizino so went back to my thatch base πŸ˜‚. There was a part of land infront of my base but, I cannot go there because there was a little lake connected to the ocean there were many megapiranha and cnidaria so then I was stucked at the spot and the only way is to go back where's the jungle it would be dangerous so next timeπŸ˜‚... I will wait for thrizinos to go 😐

Moral : When you search for a dino you never find but when you want the dino not spawn nearby it will......

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