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Bro I straight up HATE these things, I was lvl 22 and was traveling with my raptor ( killer ) and I was looking for a steep to tame which are amazing gatherers, so I go up the south side of the island and see a theri, and I had killed a few theris before right? So I thought u could take it on but next thing I knew I had died along with my raptor, so I took my phiomia ( pheophe ) bc she’s super fast and took her to the spot where I had died... and gues what.....DED AGAIN never again. Luckily I had enough marbles left to leave pheophe far enough so she wouldn’t die. The. I took my trike ( bull ) lvl 273 at the time and went looking for revenge... I found my raptor bag but I couldn’t find my Dimo ( gale ) so I killed everything there but not before taking a stego. DA END. Plz uprooted as a prayer for killer and gale 😭

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