In a certain single player survival game...

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In a certain single player survival game...

"It's another good day again in this fine and mysterious land"

The new player wandered around the beach area, taming what necessary beasts he can.

After taming a level 40 [Dodo] and naming it [Dono], the juvenile adventurer encountered a feirce, level 150 [Raptor]!

While stunned due to the unprecedent development, the wild [Raptor] attacked his low level tamed [Raptor] named [Rapt], the two predator were fighting in a way that would discourage anyone watching to join in the fray.

As the adventurer was recollecting his state of mind, he readied his [Ascendant Primitive Bow],


[Ascendant Primitive Bow]

Atk: 224

Dura: 150/207

A [Primitive Bow] that ascended what it can normally be achieved.


He gathered his courage and clipped a [Narcotic Arrow] into the bow held in his left hand.


[Narcotic Arrow]

An arrow dipped with a taste of narcotic. It deals less damage than a normal [Stone Arrow] but increases Torpor significantly to anything hit.


The adventurer's eyes emanated a slight glow that one can understand even from quite afar. It was the glow of courage, set past the limit of what one can contain.

After shooting the first arrow, he then shot another, and another. After a few shot, the raptor was knocked unconscious.

After feeding it meat, [Rapt] gained a new companion, [Apt]...

The juvenile adventurer was ecstatic due to a sudden, but welcomed success.

However, fate wasn't.

All of a sudden, a Wild level 60 [Therizinosaurus] appeared out of what seemed to be thin air!

The adventurer, seeing the dinosaur, decided to target it along with his tames, two [Raptors], and a [Carbonemys].

This is where the word "juvenile" mattered the most.

Unknowledgable of the wild beast's attacks, the player let his [Raptor]s tank the [Therizinosaurus]'s attacks.

One attack.

Two attacks..

Three attacks...!!

The tamed [Raptor]s fell in battle one after the other! Surprised, the adventurer's breathing became haggard.

He sped up his shooting speed even more until the ally [Carbonemys], ultimately, led the wild [Therizinosaurus] to his demise.


With a gloomy atmosphere, the player went to check the dropped items.


[Therizinosaurus Claws]

A trophy to prove your worth as a hunter.


Should he.. should he be feeling happy?


"No! This wasn't what I wanted!"

While on the verge of falling to depression, he saw a faint glow. A green triangular chip was peeking through the bag.


[Creature Implant]

Owner: [Rapt]

This creature's implant is intact.

Can be used together with a number of [Amber] to revive the creature.


Creature Implant]

Owner: [Apt]

This creature's implant is intact.

Can be used together with a number of [Amber] to revive the creature.



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