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I have seen so many comments praise the Theri. And yeah. I'm gonna say my praise as well. The dossier likes to compare the Theri with the Rex, which it has the right to do so. Theris are the Rex of the herbivores, doing crap tons of damage and having slightly less health than the Rex. If you have an army of Theris, you can take on the bosses. I haven't fought any of the bosses as of this comment (legitimately, anyways) but I will use an army of Theris against the Dragon since they take less damage than Rexes. Now, for the best part of the Theri: it is a gathering machine. Berries, fiber, wood, thatch, meat, hide. It can gather it all...mostly. Sadly, it is stopped from being the ultra king gatherer of ARK because it doesn't have weight reduction on wood and cannot gather from rocks. Besides that, though, Theris are a necessity for late game players for the sheer amount of resources they gather. Also, the mutated Theris are stupidly overpowered.

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