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It's like if a Dodo and a Raptor had a kid on crack. The Terror bird is extremely fast and it can outrun almost anything. Meaning even though it's weak it still makes for a great mount. Especially in redwoods:

"Oh noo an alpha Carno!..SIKE "- Proceeds to jump of a cliff.

Their big downside is very low weight but that can be solved by leveling.

They are also very easy to tame:

- Argy + trap

- Bola + [knockout method]

They're also very good for the lava cave because of their gliding ability.


-Easy to tame(bola+tranqs)

-fast(as fu- boii)

-gliding(lil wings go wee)

Definitely would recommend for anyone living or traveling through redwoods, anyone wanting a scout, or anyone who's having trouble with some caves.

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