Once upon a time there was a survivor he was a newbie,a…

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Once upon a time there was a survivor he was a newbie,a noob,and a big boob,once he received a gift,a saddle for a stego,next day he decides to do some taming,after searching for days he sees a stego but along with a rex he challenges his luck and shot the arrow up in the air, he seemed to be sure that the arrow knocked out the stego,so now he just had to wait for the rex to move, he hears a slight noise getting stronger,he decides to freeze in a position to survive and prays to the dodo gods hoping that they will spare his life,when the voice was very very close he tried to turn,but it was too late,a stego digged it thorn in his boob fat,he ran like hell till his butt became black,from that day onwards he became was known as deadboob

A true story by:deadboob's girlfriend

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