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Here is the truth about the Spino no one is talking about for some reason. First, the bad: It is VERY slow on land. Don’t bother wasting points on movement. It will never have as much health as a Rex. While it is amphibious, it must come up for air occasionally. Keep an eye on his oxygen marker.

The good: It only has one speed while swimming.., FAST. Don’t bother double clicking to swim faster. He always sprints in water. His oxygen lasts an eternity underwater. Increase points into his oxygen an you will make his already impressive swimming speed even faster and allow him to stay underwater for days. His stamina drain is very slow. His bite is VERY fast, makes for some high DPS. They can swim BACKWARDS, which makes underwater fights SO much easier.

Bottom line, don’t try to make it a land fighter, that role is well taken by the Rex. I put points into melee, oxygen and Health and make it an underwater absolute beast.

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