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Okay, so, I know there’s this thing about how rexes are better than spinos and vice versa, but the spino is superior. It’s faster, stamina lasts longer, and its dps is insane. Not to mention that it has a hydration buff that makes it even more powerful. They’re loose cannons, which is why they die in the wild a lot: they kill EVERYTHING in sight and then they get killed due to the enormous amount of angry dinos chasing them(the spino is faster, but it usually gets cornered against a cliff). They also have two speeds that each come with their own attack… that’s pretty rad. Literally the only downside is their hp. Just upgrade hp to a safe level. Against the Rex, their damage output is way higher. The only thing they don’t match is hit points, but like I said just upgrade hp if it’s a tame, and you have a vicious killing machine. These are a must tame .Hope you enjoyed, even if it was long.😂

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