I saw a green spino and a rex nearby when I flew around…

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I saw a green spino and a rex nearby when I flew around with my argentavis, so I decided to kill the Rex and later tame the Spino, I waited a day and came back with 20 tranq arrows + my crossbow, then there was no green spino anymore๐Ÿ˜. Then I found another one, and I just saw it getting killed by a baryonix. Then I arrived at the green obelisk (The Island) and saw another one at a waterfall. I waited for a night because I didn't want to tame it in the dark, in the morning I flew to the waterfall and just saw a bloody spino running away from three Raptors, so I decided to help the Spino and i killed the raptors with my argentavis. Then I waited till the spino regenerated his health and shot him with my crossbow. I knocked him and gave him raw meat, one minute later I realized, I made a big mistake. I thought i need just 17 narcotics, but I would have needed 17 if I had the right kibble, I needed arond 200, but I just had 20. So I started farming narcoberries and buildt something for making narcotics. After 57% taming he woke up and I had to fly away. At the next day, I wanted to come back. I took 250+ narcotics, 220 fish meat and 50 tranq arrows. On the way to the waterfall, I realized, the green Spino returned. So i landed on a big stone and shot him with tranq arrows and fed him with raw fish meat. Less than 30 mins to tame. I needed less than 100 narcotics and just around 7 fish, also the fish will get green after 90 minutes in his inventory, so it takes longer than in mine. Now it's my strongest fighter and it is a good option for killing big turtles and trikes.

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