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One thing about Spinos is that they really really REALLY love to make babies, I had two Spinos Finn and Spinnerella, TWO! And when I came back from a hunt to make a saddle I had 3. Let me tell you they almost always come out female I swear to god, so later I had 5, then 9 then 13 because some were boys and now I have 26 in 10 hours and a lot of fertilized eggs. (Also I play on a solo unmodified server on island with the smallest little hut with a moschops, a big eagle thing, a Rex, a turtle, 2 pteranodons, a Tapejara, 2 parasaurs, a trike, a monkey, a beaver, a small raptor, an anky, a small handful of lysta- things that you pet, 12 raptors, an otter, and exactly 48 dodos that are about 500 hp and damage for each one. And after Finn and Spinnerella getting in bed constantly and a lot of incest I have a growing army.) so with all that said get a male and a female Spino, and don’t be stupid like me and getting close to one with a sarco to see its gender. Just get a spyglass.

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