The Ultimate Guide to Lost Island

Sinomacrops- Found in The Jungle (both normal and improved jungles) as well as the Desert. Can be passively fed chitin

Dinopithecus- Found in the Redwoods. Can be tamed by killing the whole pack except the alpha then reduce the alphas health to less than 85%.

Amargasaurus- Found in the Volcano, Snow, and Desert biome. Can be tamed by helping an Amargasaurus hunt.

Wyverns- A Wyvern Trench can be found in the Volcano and an Ice Wyvern Trench can be found in the snow.

Basilisks- Found in the Volcano

Snow Owls and Manas- found in the snow

X Dunkleosteus- Found in the Ocean

Magmasaurs- a Magmasaur cave can be found in the Volcano

R Equus and R Megatheriums- can be found at around coordinates lat. 40, lon. 70

Maewings- Found in The Eastern Plains and the Kortez Biome

More Sinomacrops Encountering Tips