Ah, sarco, one of my favorite tames, it’s fast, deadly…

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Ah, sarco, one of my favorite tames, it’s fast, deadly, can carry lots of things, and has a solid amount of health.

I’ve had a sarco for a while, it’s name is Empress, and I had so much fun with her, but sadly today something shocking happened...

I was on a raft with a new tamed gallimimus and Empress, when I bumped into a rock, the gallimimus fell to the water and some mantas started attacking the gallimimus, Empress was on neutral so she went to attack the mantas, I knew she would win because she was unstoppable, when in the middle of nowhere, like, 5 mantas and 3 megalodons (all lvl 22 for some reason) appeared and killed Empress.

But luckily, I got a Baryonix and my sadness flew away

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