The Saber War

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The Saber War

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Pt.1 The Initial Call

Callum was laying down by the Sacred Creek of Valin, on a chilly rock, whilst Vuaro was eating a fine piece of Hesperonis meat. The rest of the group was hunting at the time. Vuaro asked Callum: “ Think they’ll be back by sundown?” Callum replied: “ If we’re lucky Vuaro.” Then the hunting group came back. With only 2 people. Dalv and Leuo. “What happened?” “There were 6 hunters!” Vuaro exclaimed. Leuo, almost out of breath replied: “ Hunters 5 of them.” “We barely lived. We heard a loud bang and the other were dead.” Dalv finishes. “ South Valin must verge with north if we are to live.” Callum says. (A few hours after they arrive) “Northen leader Jarnl” “The south has been ambushed. We lost 4 Sabers.” Callum said. Jarnl replied: “This is an outrage.” “We must retaliate.” Callum was shocked. “ Saddle up men! “ Darlc ( The Northern Commander. ) said “This is war.” Jarnl exclaimed.

Pt.2 coming soon

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