R.I.P May, 8th, 2021.

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R.I.P May, 8th, 2021.

I had tamed a sabertooth, a few months back. I named him Aouw (That's just his name okay). Anyways, me and Aouw were best friends. until today, something terrible happened. May 8th, 2021. I was travelling to green obelisk, until 2 Raptors came. They pounced on me and ripped my armor to shreds. I had died then. as soon as I respawned, I jumped onto my gallimimus fast! I had to rescue Aouw, he was bravely fighting the Raptors that had killed me. We both wanted vengeance. Aouw knew he wouldn't survive these two Raptors. He fought for me, even though he knew he would never live to see me for long. After I had arrived at the place I died, the two Raptors pounced on him, he killed one, but soon after...

His life slipped away. I wasn't able to save him in time. all that was left of him was his saddle. Now I realize just how special he was to me, I could only realize how special he was, after he was gone. I felt as though I had failed him. Would he have forgiven me? If only I had been there in time, I could have rescued Aouw. His creature implant was nowhere to be found, meaning I could not revive him. Then I realized, the saddle. I could tame a new sabertooth and use his saddle in memory of Aouw. His spirit would live on, his spirit dwells in my heart. At least now he had found peace. Across the endless blue sky, he runs through open fields, through forests. He has a free life now. But, he will always come back, to rest in my heart. Ready to run and play tomorrow.

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