One night I was going on a killing spree in the redwoods…

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One night I was going on a killing spree in the redwoods on my argy lvl 125 (near the swamp)…as I was exploring for alpha Dino’s I saw a weird glowing thing on the ground, I was thinking “that could be a alpha rex!” As I approached it, I saw a giant flying thing come close to my argy, I was thinking “what creature flies in the-” I noticed that my argy started losing health. I started trying to fly away from it as fast as I possibly could but it was chasing AND ATTACKING MY ARGY! So I finally got it trapped between a tree and a rock…as I got back to my base I researched on what it was. I found out that I had to kill a male and force feed the pheromone to a strong dinosaur (example: Giga, Char, Bronto,) and then find a female, get it below 10% health, and it would sting/impregnate the Dino. You have to give it it’s food required after it gets impregnated, these are the food they usually ask for:(Giga, char, golden eggs), gasoline, absorbent substance, any of Rockwell’s recipes, kibble, and element. Sadly I didn’t know how to tame it until I returned back to my base…so I went back and searched for it. It was gone, I looked everywhere in the swamp and redwoods and it had despawned :(

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Sorry it’s long…

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