So uh i cant do titan taming tip since titano gone....

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So uh i cant do titan taming tip since titano gone....


Once a poun a time a lone survivor was hiking in the snowy tundra then he stubbled a poun a max Lvl Rex with his Argie named Oreo, so he did the most loggical thing that a player would do....Tame it but sadly he was 9 lvls away from getting a Rex Saddle "till he saw this Red Drop while going home to make Darts and he got a Journeyman Rex Saddle BP so he flew back to base rode his Therizino then started going on a Hide Rampage as soon as he had enough hide he got himself some fiber with his Theri too and he got the other Supplies on taming the Rex so he was ready he flew back with Ascendant Flak Armor mixed with Journeyman Fur Armor to make him warm, then he said: Why not tame it with no trap?...." but he"ll for sure will regret as soon as he pelted around 30-35 Tranq Darts with his Ascendant Longneck a pack of Dire Wolves bursted behind him then he fell and got bitten by the Rex but luckily he had a parachute and there was a herd of low lvl mammoths so the Rex and the Wolves started k1lling them then he whistled Oreo and flew back to base and decide to make a trap once he came back he saw the same Rex at the Tropical Regions but still close to the Icey Tundra then he build his 4/4 Trap that was Stone Tier then he trapped the Rex! He KO"d it leaving his darts to 3 so he shoot 127 Tranq Darts (Plot Twist: He made more Darts.) Then he put Prime and Bio-Toxin and then it tamed! It took him 2-3 Days for the Rex to be fully tamed, he named him Apex (Cuz he had Red stripes and Grey coloring all over his body and Red like yellow eyes.)

Then he put the saddle and returned home then he started farming for some Exp like k1lling creatures and getting Explorer Notes and able to kill 2 Brontos that were lvl 100 and 170 and it gave him 12 lvls and gave the survivor 6 lvls, they were having the best time of their life and even on christmas irl he gave all of his amber to the Rex! He bought a Golden Chain collar for him and his own Wandering Enclosure. Apex loved his owner and so did his owner did! Until after christmas irl like about 2 months after Christmas irl he decided to go k1ll some creatures in the Snow Biome "till he saw a lvl 150 Giga and then he said: *Gulples* ARK Gods pls save Apex and me pls... I hope :' ( he was getting worried until he had full confidence to taming it he did a mass genocide on Jelly-Fish k1lling 81 and he got 2-4 Stacks of Bio while k1lling Jelly-Fish with his High lvl Electrophourus Army and then he got 170 Shocking Tranq Darts and 370 Normal Tranq Darts and he got his Metal Trap ready to build! He was brave, confident and uh... idk lol, So he brang his Argie just in case something bad happened. Then he built his trap for the Giga... until the Giga was smart enough to dodge his trap and he rode Apex and trying to whistle Oreo then he started spamming "till his phone got so wet that he couldent control bc of hand sweat the he wipped it off then Oreo started following him and he rode Oreo but he quickly srarted to spam follow and passive but his Argy ran out of stamana (His argie was a lvl 12 so it took him a couple seconds before he ran out of stam.) Then he quickly dissmounted and fleed but his 2 BF's (Best Friends) died with an lvl 345 Purlovia, but he didint care about Oreo (Well he did a Bit) but his best companion Apex was gone..... lost somewhere in the stars of the heavens.... but someday he will come back... and he is watching you owner he was proud to being a tame of yours and you were proud too so R.I.P Apex the T.rex you will be missed πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜•.

This was based on a True Story in my Hardcore SP ARK: Mobile World :' (.

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Thanks for seeing my Sad Story :' (. I hope you all have a Great day and keep your tames safe from the snowy tundra and take care you all! :'),:'(


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