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Riley the Rex ch7: the giga.

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Riley the Rex ch7: the giga.

The giga eyed Riley and Steve( who was a stego and friends with Riley)

Fear exploded through Riley’s body. Her mother had always warned her of how the giga was the strongest animal on the island, and now she was face-to-face with one. After a few seconds( but what felt to Riley as hours) the giga spoke in a low menacing tone,” he he he, seems like I just got me a stego Rex burger,” he said. And before Riley had enough time to process what he just said when the giga charged, it’s jaws wide open revealing bloodstained teeth. It barely missed Riley as it snapped its jaws shut, Steve quickly slammed his spiked tail into the gigas leg, but the giga barely flinched . It it swung its massive head at Riley snding her into a tree. As she struggled to get up she watched Steve lose one of his spikes and was thrown into Riley.

Steve got to his feet quickly followed by Riley finally getting up using her snout. “Yeah, now would probably be a good time to retreat.” Steve suggested. “ agreed” said Riley , they both turned and bolted hard. Riley heard the giga start to follow but then they heard the man shout” no no no, let them run, we will kill them another day.

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