Me and my friend were new to ark I had a tek Parasaur and…

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Me and my friend were new to ark I had a tek Parasaur and a tric (I was lucky because the tric was stuck in some trees) but it they got killed by a Rex. I started a new life and built a house with a parasur called Perry and a dile. Me and my friend wanted to go to the woods and there was a raptor that saw me from outside the woods and ran out of the woods to chase me and my friend but my friend didn’t see him till it was too late. And his beloved parasur was killed but I managed to get away and go home. Turns out the raptor followed me home and killed my parasur. But I scoped out my house and saw that the raptor wouldn’t leave my home. But the weirdest thing is that he would not kill my dilo. Eventually the raptor left but I am planning to find it and tame it or kill it. Thank you for reading my story

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