About Two and a half years a go on mobile I had just…

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About Two and a half years a go on mobile I had just started to get the hang of playing and trying to get over the fear of raptors yeah I was a scaredy cat and taming one was hard mostly I had no luck finding any high levels until the gods of ark had sent me a lvl 140 he was wild to tame and out of honor I used no traps nor bolas and died 3 times while taming him lol and this guy had accidentally hit a few dilos so when I finally knocked him out I had to defend him from said dilos when he woke up I named him Ravage pretty sick name am I right? And let me tell you, this guy and I went to hell and back together running from fricken spinos killing packs and fulfilling our own challenge running around the entire island without weapons or food until soon afterwards I was blessed again with two more high levels a lvl 140 green female raptor I named Jade and another female a lvl 150 blue and red raptor I named Ripple (since she spent a lot of time in the water before I tamed her) a year later I decided to finally do my quest because I thought it'd be useless since i never thought of it being anywhere challenging but I nothing else to do and was slowly losing interest in playing but just today was the worst day ever I had the idea of trying out my first artifact run and did the north central cave there I took Ravage and one of the cliffs over the deep water caves I saw the artifact and I regretted it trying to grapple near it since I forgot my flak armor was destroyed by the arthros and hanging on my grapple thinking "well the snakes and bugs can't get me!"......Well the onycs did and yeah I died and respawned I grabbed my female baryonyx named prawn and yeah I know I should have brought her instead so this time I managed to kill whatever was around the artifact but I heard the noises of my Ravage being hurt I jumped into one of the pools and slaughtered every piranha I found and I was hoping Ravage was there but..... All there was,was his red saddle I took it back home and did what I did with all my friends I lost a long the way I added his grave stone to the rest of my friends took all my flyers Thrust the male Pteranadon Bluestreak the female Pteranadon Sequoia The female Pteranadon my female argy Fran and finally Qibli and Skyquake Jr. My male argys all of us flew over the southern islets where I spent the most the playing before I moved to the the hidden lake soon after shot a red flare at night on my watch tower dedicated to My ravages color Red in my old base and finally at a place near the outside of Stonehenge where I found my Ravage I placed a small shrine with torches and a box containing his saddle

Thanks for reading this I hope I don't sound too crazy for doing this but when it comes to ark the creatures are the main thing and you won't get anywhere alone and don't blame anyone for getting attached to them if you love em then you'd make a when funeral for them like me

This is in memory of my beloved Ravage

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