A true sad story

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A true sad story

Made by notmssoft

So i joined a rp server and i spawn in and you know in ark game start punching trees i get some nice starter gear and venture on i see a base empty very empty weird i see a calico and nothin else i walk up too it and claim it weird guees these guys havent been on for days so i jimp on my new calico and keep moving up the beach i see a tek para in the trees i go up and can claim it so i do and take the saddle and keep moving and the para without me knowing got stuck somewhere and i see a large group of creatures all carnivores 1 spino 1 tek raptor 1 carno 7 haeyna 2 wolfs 1 terra 1 argy and 1 snake one of the haeynas where dead i saw a bag and picked up itz saddle to keep it in remember so i look around on the creatures stats and THEY WERE ALL DYING OF HUNGER this idiot let his beautiful animals die slowly so i claimed them and fed them they were happy again and with my cold blooded hands drowned the man that gave these creatures a slow death i drowned slowly but surely i took his stuff too be claimed as the abonnden creature saver so i venture on scavenging for food an resources until i find the perfect place to build i build my house but the snake apollo died of hunger it ate eggs not meat i didnt know as the snake had ten meat in its inventory i made a grave stone for it and the dead dog/haeyna sadly after when inwas getting food for the calico 4 dogs died from a drunk person walking on the beach itz rp that is why he could i came back and stoped him before he could do any more harm i feed my animals and start making a homeless shelter for animals sadly while i was doing thatthe pterranadon died of being miss known for a vicious killer that killed many lives it was a starving yet fast and agille bird now in the grave with the others so i keep my buisniess going and the argy got stolen by a burglur that broke in to the homeless shelter at night last dogd ran off i later find these poor animals dead corpses at a river now with few animals left and nobody giving there animals to the shelter i was going broke i needed to leave my animals again to go hunt for food it has gone wrong ones i cant happen twice remember the 2 wolfs i came back with some food and a new saddle for the raptor i see a corpse of a wolf laying on the floor of my house a sign saying put up fences you poor idiot snd the other wolf was were to be seen probably got ate by the other wolf while fighting the calico, spino and the raptor was left i sold the spino for 2000 bucks and then hear that the spino was bought for food for another creature i was devastated i was so sad i moved to a little village to live an work there so i didnt have to be so scared of loseing more and the fear struck me one day i came back from work and hear war drums from a distance i heard of vicious mammoth riders were on the way my calico had the most strength and healt so i helped fighting back sadly a hero died the calico died in the fight but killing 2 mammoths i was done with civilation i ran of on my raptor and was on the move all the time i was never getting another creature after this cause i dont wanna carry more souls in my mind some died as a hero some died of trust isues and some died in accident you never know what is going to hit me and my tek raptor boru

Or even you

This was a real rp story i was mad all the time of losing many creatures but i came back to the server and still had my raptor but no one played on the server for months so that was the end


By notmssoft

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