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Hello, I am a noob at Ark, and i have a crazy story

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Hello, I am a noob at Ark, and i have a crazy story

So, when i started off, I had two friends on the server with me. I'll call them Lumbago and Tomahawk. Lumbago was a noob as well, even newer than me, but he had a very similar play style to mine. Tomahawk was an Ark pro. He knew all the pros and cons and took crazy risks a lot. One day, tomahawk says to us

"Let's tame a raptor."

I was freaked out because I was scared of Raptors. Lumbago was as well. So we set off with our bows and tranq arrows and we came across one. We tamed one, but the other one we either killed or lost. I dont remember its name.

A few days later irl, we went again to tame more Raptors because Tomahawk was greedy. We walked around the woods until all of a sudden, we were spotted by two regular raptor and an alpha raptor. We freaked out and began to shoot at them. Tomahawk knocked down one of the Raptors and halfway shot the alpha raptor. It came straight for me. Me, being a girl, screamed like I dont know what, and shot the alpha raptor. It killed me BUT it was running away, which meant it was about to pass out. Tomahawk and I came back to find 2 of the three Raptors knocked out. We couldnt find the third. I claimed the alpha raptor as mine and named him CHEERIOS

Tomahawk angrily took the other one. But we lost those later on.

A theri was destroying our house. It died eventually, but after the loss of one of his Raptors.

The second was lost to another theri that we thought was near our house, but wasnt.


Then, there was another alpha raptor right by my home. After several attempts and closing the app to reclaim my stuff, I had come to the conclusion that it was untenable and unkillable. A terrible glitch. So, I killed it with the kill command. Cheerios watched this in horror and felt alone.

Until I walked in the woods, a better player and well equipped. A raptor and a silo attacked me. Me, using this lovely app, was smart enough to bring a bola and I used a bola on the raptor. I killed the dilo because it was hurting me and blinded me, but I was lucky enough because the bola was about to break, but it passed out. I was so excited. I had tamed a raptor by myself for the first time. I realized it passed out because I had shot it with my crossbow in the head as I was getting blinded. I named it fruit loops as suggested by Lumbago. Fruit loops and cheerios now have a baby named lucky charms and I hope to have more Raptors in the future! -Moet805 (PS4)

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