I came here looking for nice stories and oh jesus, there was a gigantic fight over fanfics?? Weird

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I came here looking for nice stories and oh jesus, there was a gigantic fight over fanfics?? Weird

Anyways: i was flying with my beautiful tapeha (tapejara), when I got freaked out because a blob of darkness appeared out of nowhere, then realized it was a quetzal, when was it added? Apparently long time ago, but I never saw one, mind you, this is my second acc and the first one was in 2019, anyways, I went looking how to tame it, beautiful lvl 19 female that dropped an egg on my base once I arrived, because apparently she was around there, my luck, and all of the tutorials were from 2018 except for one, that was from 2021, all of them were too confusing, "why are you using an Argent if tapejaras have seats and are better suited for following? Y’all dumb" then I realized in 2018 there wasn’t the seat change button, anyways, I decided to go my own way, lvl 21 tapejara with 157% speed, i could do it, crossbow and 56 tranq and tranq arrows, two rex kibbles, i was ready.

I went looking for it, slightly further away from my base, set tapeha to follow me, assist and targeted the quetz, started shooting it, my tapeha was able to follow him from a comfortable distance, but slightly slower than I wanted, doesn’t matter because the quetzal wasn’t going down for nothing, we reached redwood forest, then, the mountain just before the 50/50, there was a Rex there.

The quetzal was fast enough to bump against him, and get stuck for a while before running away, and my dumb self was like "the rex is going to kill it, i gotta do something before", so I jumped from the tapejara, start hitting the Rex, the quetzal ran away and tapeha joined the fight,

The Rex fell but my tapejara followed, for my sadness he killed her, i got there and killed him, but he broke all my armor, and the bag with tapeha’s belongings was unreachable due to the slope and the map. I had to call my baryonyx to get there and to protect me, fortunately I got the things back and went home, defeated. And on that day I sweared vengeance.

Later on I found two more quetzals, the first a male, i got it down but he was killed, and the second one, a female, had to find another tapejara (i love them), grinded till level 62 for toxicant arrows, got 11, got 36 tranq arrows, two crossbows, a 143% speed tapejara, didn’t name this one, and went after it, with the same 2 rex kibbles plus one more. The new tapejara almost couldn’t handle the quetzal speed tho, but after 8 toxic arrows and 9 tranq arrows, i can now say I own a quetzal.

However, the story is yet to finished. This tapejara, that later on I named tapehina, made me find another quetzal, , since now I own a longneck rifle and tranq darts, I decided to tame it (I’m now level 64), but I lost both my Rexes to megapiranhas (they got stuck to each other while following my raptor, i needed hide so i set the raptor to aggressive and they to follow her for protection, they got stuck in the river stones and against each other, and then i got the notifications about one of them, rushed to save the other but she died too, the raptor survived tho, weirdly) so I lost my egg layers. So I needed new ones. Fast. I decided to fly around looking for them, but my dumb self had just came back from a prime meat killing spree and few were to be found, and the ones I did were males, i needed females with eggs, so I decided to go for one of the places I dislike the most, that mountain close to carno island, The one full of griffins, Since apparently they can spawn on both on those places. I had forgotten about the griffins , so I got interested, left my tapehina close to two stegos and on neutral for her protection and came close to the griffins, since I remember they having some sort of "brave metter" or something, idk. Well, I received the notification of the dangerous area, but it wasn’t from them, it was from an alpha raptor that was nearby, so it didn’t go well, i had three griffin’s and an alpha raptor, plus around three other raptors and some pulmunoscorpius agro on me, and I eventually died to the alpha. Respawned to a nearby sleeping bag and ran there, got my stuff back after avoiding the alpha and ran to tapehina.

Things didn’t go as planned, apparently something agroed the stegos and they attacked tapehina, I started to attack them back but forgot to put the armor back on so they killed me, and after that, tapehina. My fastes mount to take on the quetz, my favorite mount to ride on, tame beasts, survive with, my second tapejara, died, for some peanut brain stegos. I knew tapehina could go down so before that we tamed another tapejara just in case but, she is still extremely recent. Didn’t event get the 1st tamed level. How can I tame the quetzal without her? And didn’t even find a rex to get the egg for kibbles.

I now swear vengeance once again, all the griffins that attacked us shall die, All the quetzals shall be either tamed or killed until second order. I’ll tell news soon. - STTC555

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