Raiders of the night.

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Raiders of the night. This was a name that stuck with me for a long time. I was in a tribe with around 20 people and we were up to industrial stuff but not tek items (exculeding cyropods and cyrofridges).im going to call them night raid for short. So night raid (Raiders of the night) raided the village and it happened so quickly too. Night raid had and estimated 5 and there was only 3 people who actually was feared. The the other one was the quetzal flyer and the last one was a cyropod trader (training dinos and stuff). Anyways back to the main story, a paracer with a platform was running through the village with a person riding it and the other using the war drum and screaming, “EVACUATE ALL HIGH LEVEL DINOS AND LEAVE THE CANNON FODDER BEHIND” and as he said that the paracer fell unconscious and I see a quetzal. I then see 3 argentavis flying down and 3 parachutes open up and the 3 argentavis started attacking everybody but we quickly took care of it with our rifles. Left,righ,Center,front and back people were falling unconscious via tranq darts and getting trapped by bolas the three used. I remember hiding with a cyropod with a spino in it. I opened it up and then I swarm of pternandons start attacking it and I saw the 5th person order the pteranodon around while riding a bronto with a house on it. I remember observing it and seeing cyrofridges and and cyropods stores in there. Might even make a story about this if this gets popular or something idk

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