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I had a Pteranodon named Petra who was lvl 31.

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I had a Pteranodon named Petra who was lvl 31. We were best buddies, traveling everywhere on the map, having several close calls and bringing home plenty of monkeys and snails. Sadly, when I was going to go grab an otter I saw on the coast, I accidentally dismounted near a Theziosaurus (Idk how to spell it hHh) and it decided to attack me.

Long story short, Petra died, Thezio was now being mauled by a Rex nearby (HAH), I was running to grab Petra's stuff before the rex or Thezio noticed me and the Otter was just watching all this murder go down.

R.I.P Petra 😔, but I have a new Pteranodon named Stripes who is currently a lvl 8.

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