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These things are FANTASTIC travel mounts!!! Not only are they very fast by default, but they also have a very impressive jump that lets you literally launch across the land (and I’m 90% sure they don’t take fall damage because I’ve jumped off of mountains with them without getting a scratch). You can outrun just about anything! Not to mention that they also dish out decent damage, and their kick attack has great knock back, so if you time it right you can kill mobs without taking any damage yourself. AND they have really good stamina- it lasts for a long while and recharges super quickly.

Taming them is pretty easy. I recommend using an Argy to pick one up and then drop it in a trap, you can just use a 2x2 stone foundation and doorframes all around it. If you’re using the PC version, you can lure it to follow you into one with a rare flower, but it unfortunately doesn’t work on mobile. If you want one sooner (can’t get an argy saddle until level 60 or something), you can do what I did and have the trap up with doorframes on all sides except for one and then attack it, and try to herd it into the trap. This is pretty difficult to do though, not gonna lie. If it’s a lower level one you’ll probably have better luck with just using a bola and tranq. If you have soothing balm, I recommend using that, especially for higher level ones because it takes like an hour to tame otherwise, and the torpor goes down a bit quickly so you gotta babysit it. Otherwise, they’re really fantastic to have, especially early game! Not to mention SUPER fun to travel with, and super cute! In my opinion, anyway. If you like riding Beezelbufo, then you’ll love Procoptodon because it’s everything Bufo is but improved upon and easier to control.

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