To kill,

1. Tame argy and craft saddle.

2. Sight a plessi. You can do this by using CrabCam (swipe left) to see underwater.

3. Drop Cooked Prime Fish Meat into plessi territory from argy.

4. The plessi will grab it.

5. Now's your chance! Dive towards the plessi and grab it with your argy.

6. Put the plessi on land, specifically on a hill, so it cannot flop into the water.

7. The plessi will die.

8. Now get off the argy.

9. Use your hatchet.

10. Harvest the plessi's corpse.

11. Now comes my favorite step: open its item cache and see what you got!

12. Is anything useful? Stimberry? Narxoberry? Notice if it is useful.

13. If there is helpful things in the plessi's inventory, then you should consider repeating the process on another plessi.

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