On Ark mobile, I had a Paracer named Marvin.

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On Ark mobile, I had a Paracer named Marvin. His name was originally Sputnik but that didn’t feel right, so I changed it to Marvin, which sounds much better! He was grey on top with a orange-pinkish underbelly, like a hippo.When all of my other tames were killed, Marvin was the only one left and he and I became best friends! Whenever I went mining, he carried all of my stuff for me! Even when I had tamed a Rex and a Carno, Marvin was still the tame I relied on most. He and I made supply runs across the entire island together, journeying across the swamps, redwood forests, artic, and even up the volcano! Marvin was so strong, he could carry over 1000 pounds of metal and obsidian and take on packs of allos and Rexes with minimal damage! I loved Marvin dearly, so for all ark players out there, treat your paracers with respect and don’t call them names. They might just save your life.

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