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This guy is a nightmare...well before I begin let’s start for the beginning: I just finished the dragon and gorilla boi and on my way to the volcano with a transmitter on my argent mr. Oriole (Cause he looked like an oriole) we get there I Plop down the transmitter and take all the rexes out and started to line the up to go into the tek cave... (fast forward)

I’m going in and the rexes get stuck and I don’t have time to go get all of the through (fast forward again) maybe half way in and I see REX LV 58 WAS KILLED over and over again (levels varied) and I thought that was impossible because they’re outside,I look over to see MY REXES SOME HOW TELEPORTED THROUGH THE WALLS AN WERE FALL ING INTO THE LAVA I couldn’t do anything it was sad because I only had one Rex in there and she died which then I had shoot the damn thing for a good HOUR or two then finally it had been defeated

Thank you for reading this I feel so good to get this off my mind and share my story

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