One day I tamed an otter.

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One day I tamed an otter. I gave it lost of fish, and at that same time a spino took over my house and killed my parasaur, pteranodon, and one of my three dilos. I got my dilos to follow me away from the spino stealthily with my ichyornis, dimorphadon, and otter too. Then I wanted to test my tames strength against a trike and I new there would be some deaths of my dilos but once I threw my otter off my shoulder the only things I could see through my tears were... “YOUR OTTER WAS KILLED BY TRICERATOPS” written in red with a skull mark next to it. I was too stupid to realize that my otter was an otter like any otter. Then I went up to that same trike and finished it with the rest of my tames. Only to find out one of my fists were broken from hitting that trike with my bear hands. The spino still at my thatch house with my brand new refining forge. I still remember my otter today. My only wish is to eventually tame that spino and KILL every trike is see to avenge him. Please avenge otter😢

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